Digital Revolution

The world of ocean shipping and logistics is digitizing faster than ever. Massive amounts of data surrounding vessels, containers, and cargo are accessible almost instantly through the Internet of Things (IoT). Data scientists are increasingly using AI and machine learning to extract new insights that can be delivered by APIs. And, blockchain is on the digital frontier as a new way to securely manage supply chains.

As an innovative solution provider for ocean shipping and logistics, CargoSmart has opened its Customer Innovation Center to help shippers leverage the latest technologies and innovative solution development methods to drive digital transformation.

Something New is Coming

We use AI, IoT, and blockchain technologies to increase data integration and insights among supply chain parties, opening the possibility of optimization with carriers, terminals, rail, trucks and all supply chain participants. We are digitalizing interactions and decision making processes and developing AI models to improve shipment management.

Global Shipping Business Network

ForeSea: Go Beyond Visibility with Predictive Analytics

Blockchain for Shipment Documentation

Customer Innovation Center

CargoSmart has been developing solutions in San Jose for nearly two decades and has close ties to the technology providers in Silicon Valley. In 2017, we opened our doors to customers to collaborate and develop new solutions with the newest technologies to improve ocean shipment visibility and beyond.

New Technologies

Agile Development


Tools for Success

CargoSmart connects advanced technologies with market intelligence to facilitate digital transformation in the shipping industry. CargoSmart focuses on three key technologies, namely artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain to empower its customers’ digital journeys.

Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things


Business Cases

The Customer Innovation Center is exploring many possibilities of how to leverage the latest technologies to improve shipment management with customers. Read about a few business cases that we are currently reviewing with shippers and carriers to help improve their businesses.

Reefer Container Tracking

Dangerous Goods Booking Automation

Smart Contract Creation

Let us know how you would like to start your digital journey. Contact us today and we will follow up with you.