Tools for Success

CargoSmart connects advanced technologies with market intelligence to facilitate digital transformation in the shipping industry. CargoSmart focuses on three key technologies, namely artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain to empower its customers’ digital journey.

Learn more about how CargoSmart is using these technologies to collaborate with shippers and carriers to develop new solutions that meet their ever-evolving business needs:


Artificial Intelligence

CargoSmart leverages machine learning to analyze vessel and route patterns, which deliver insights on vessel and terminal operations, such as identifying the waiting area of each port to determine the vessel status and terminal performance.

Combining current vessel locations, vessel speeds, and weather data with historical patterns, CargoSmart delivers predictive analytics using AI to help supply chain parties elevate their shipment planning.


Internet of Things

CargoSmart leverages IoT technology to capture massive amounts of data for vessel, rail, truck, and containers from multiple data sources, including AIS, GPS, weather, and news.

CargoSmart monitors and analyzes 12,000 vessels' live movements, covering 90% of the world's ocean container capacity, and over 800 global container ports to detect the shipment-plan exceptions and measure the performance of shipments, carriers, ports, and terminals.



CargoSmart is working with blockchain technology to establish a secure and transparent ecosystem where participants can verify shipment parties’ identities and build trust based on their shipment history.

CargoSmart serves as a central hub to capture and analyze the blockchain data, enabling supply chain parties to revolutionize their operations and decision-making processes.

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