Customer Innovation Center


Innovation Focus

Developing solutions in San Jose for nearly two decades and having close ties to the technology providers in Silicon Valley, CargoSmart has opened its doors to customers to collaborate to develop new solutions with the newest technologies to improve ocean shipment visibility and beyond.

Helping Shippers Adopt New Technologies

Many ocean shippers are finding they have too much data and not enough knowledge about how to analyze it. Other shippers find they have many visibility gaps and want to know how to leverage the IoT to increase visibility. And others do not want to miss out on how to use blockchain for a more efficient supply chain and seek to test it out.

Agile Development

CargoSmart is working closely with customers to digitize their shipment management processes through an iterative development process to identify challenges, quickly develop applications, and test and refine the solutions. We provide experienced engineers in AI, machine learning, IoT, APIs, and more that customers can leverage to help develop new solutions for their businesses.

Collaboration for New Solutions

We strive to help each customer improve their visibility, with not only increased clarity to the location of cargo, but also intelligent insights for better predictability.
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