Business Cases

The Customer Innovation Center is exploring many possibilities of how to leverage the latest technologies to improve shipment management with customers. Here are a few business cases that we are currently reviewing with shippers and carriers to help improve their businesses. Let us know how you would like to start your digital journey. Learn more about how CargoSmart is using these technologies to collaborate with shippers and carriers to develop new solutions that meet their ever-evolving business needs:

Reefer Container Tracking

Commodities like medical supplies and fruits require close monitoring along the transportation journey to ensure the quality. Leveraging IoT technology, shippers could track reefer container status updates such as current location and temperature. Moreover, the data feed from the IoT could be stored in blockchain and generates the safety proof for quality assurance. Based on live data from the IoT, the estimated time of arrival for cargo could be predicted by leveraging AI technology for timely logistics planning.


Dangerous Goods Booking Automation

When shippers make bookings for dangerous goods, they need to submit a specific set of documents. The shipping documents could be digitized through AI technologies such as natural language processing. Leveraging the live updates of a cargo’s transportation milestones from the IoT, the digitized documents could be updated consistently in blockchain. Using machine learning to analyze shippers’ behaviors, the booking process of dangerous goods could be automated by capturing the required documents and information from blockchain.


Smart Contract Creation

Shipment history and performance may affect future contract terms. IoT technology enables the clear visibility of shipment history, especially for exceptions such as no shows and cargo rollovers. Supply chain parties could base on the transparent records from blockchain to verify the credibility of each other and build up the business relationship accordingly. Ultimately, shippers could create smart contracts with terms defined automatically by capturing and analyzing the information and behaviors through blockchain and AI technologies.

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