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CargoSmart is using AI, IoT, and blockchain technologies to increase data integration and insights among supply chain parties, opening the possibility of optimization with carriers, terminals, rail, trucks and all supply chain participants. We are digitalizing interactions and decision making processes and developing AI models to improve shipment visibility.


ForeSea: Shipment Visibility with
Predictive Analytics

Are you missing critical updates about your shipments’ vessel arrivals and departures? Are shipment milestones from your transportation and logistics providers out of date? With shorter ocean container free times, driver shortages, and increasing driver rates, having a clearer view of inbound and outbound vessels can help to save costs and avoid penalties. Artificial intelligence (AI) combined with the Internet of Things can help drive exponentially better milestones and dynamic ETAs for your shipment planning and execution.

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Global Shipping Business Network

CargoSmart is creating a digital baseline for the future of shipping. Our design principles enable rapid data exchange with trust and integrity among members within the network. It encourages wider participation and provides a collaborative environment for mutual benefits.

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Blockchain for Shipment Documentation

CargoSmart is developing a blockchain solution for shipment documentation to improve complex supply chain processes. The solution establishes a digital baseline for trusted shipment documentation management across the shipping and logistics industry. Shippers, forwarders, carriers, truckers, and customs agencies will be able to collaborate more efficiently through the platform for a single version of truth and an immutable audit trail with low latency.

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Connected Reefer: Real-time Container Monitoring and Predictive Visibility

Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology and artificial intelligence (AI), Connected Reefer is an application that allows shippers to closely monitor and predict the arrival of their valuable reefer cargo through carriers’ websites, APIs, and alerts to help retain cargo quality, reduce the risk of cargo loss, and find out about potential exceptions immediately.

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