Global Shipping Business Network

Creating a Digital Baseline for the Future of Shipping

The Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN) enables quick and easy network expansion. Within the network, we create a breakthrough in the current one-to-one connection model to increase trust and efficiency. At the same time, we build gateways for inter-networking with fintech and insurtech to enable innovative cross-industry business models and solutions.


Press Release

Top Ocean Carriers and Terminal Operators Initiate Blockchain Consortium


Members from 9 ocean carriers and terminal operators to establish a digital baseline for the future of global shipping

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Unlock Full Business Value

  • Collectively participate to enable rapid data exchange with trust and integrity
  • Rapidly expand the business network with confidentiality
  • Encourage wider member participation and provide a collaborative environment for mutual benefits

Increase Visibility Benefits

  • Consolidate and gain real-time transparency to shipment status
  • Proactively optimize transportation and inventory control
  • Lower costs to establish logistics networks in new markets

Network-to-Network Connectivity

  • Quickly and easily expand your global shipping network
  • Increase trust and efficiency among members of the network
  • Connect with other networks such as fintech and insurtech for innovative cross-industry business models and solutions
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