ForeSea: Shipment Visibility with Predictive Analytics







Are You Playing Detective, or Is Your Supply Chain Mature?

Supply chains are becoming more complex and customers are demanding greater transparency. Shippers need to shift from searching for shipment updates in a piecemeal fashion to relying on sophisticated data intelligence and applications. At the same time, disruptions, whether physical or digital, can have a significant impact on meeting customer expectations and delivering orders on time, in full.

Elevate Your Supply Chain Visibility with Predictive Insights

If you want to take your insights to the next level, digital transformation for the supply chain starts with advanced shipment visibility. ForeSea is an intelligent, global shipment visibility solution that connects and enriches data from multiple sources, layers it with predictive insights, and allows you to quickly analyze and respond to issues that need immediate attention in your supply chain.


When you use ForeSea, you leverage the application’s connections to over 20 ocean carriers and live vessel information. Using algorithms to identify and fill in the visibility gaps from ocean carriers, ForeSea displays the most current estimated departure and arrival container status and cutoff times. And, you can collaborate with your teams to view and share updates through the platform.


Monitor dynamic estimated times of arrival and departures for your shipments with predictions based on live vessel data, historical route data, and vessel schedules. Reduce risk in your supply chain by easily identifying potential delays throughout the shipment cycle—at the port of departure, transshipment connections, and arrival ports.


Identify regions with potential delays and analyze trends in dwell times and port pair transit times so that you can identify issues to focus on for daily operations and for long-term port and carrier selection to improve performance.

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