ForeSea: Go Beyond Visibility with Predictive Analytics

Disruptions to the supply chain impact overall costs and performance and are challenging to overcome for organizations with outdated in-house systems and siloed operations and when facing external factors such as extreme weather, port congestion, and increasing trade tariffs.

Long lead times from discovery to recovery from disruptions
Information gaps in shipment changes
Unmet service level commitments


Take Charge of Your Shipments with AI

ForeSea is a cloud-based, AI-powered visibility platform for shippers and their logistics partners to gain greater transparency and control of their increasingly complex supply chain.

Greater Visibility
  • Break down supply chain silos
  • Enable collaboration across stakeholders
  • Access one version of the truth of cargo status among your network
Control Costs
  • Accurately plan landside resources with live ETAs
  • Proactively manage potential disruptions with earlier notice
  • Invoice customers based on timely notification of vessel milestones
Improve Performance
  • Optimize business processes
  • Continuously measure performance and improvement
  • Increase planning and delivery reliability


Going Beyond Visibility with Predictive Analytics

Artificial intelligence (AI) combined with the Internet of Things can help drive exponentially better milestones and dynamic ETAs for your shipment planning and execution.

Watch this webinar to hear:
  • What data is missing from ocean carriers and why it matters
  • How AI and the Internet of Things can reveal ATDs, dynamic ETAs, ATAs, missed transshipment connections, and split bookings
  • How to tighten your shipment management processes with predictive insights
  • Sneak peak of CargoSmart's newest visibility solution based on AI


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