Connected Reefer





Cold Cargo: Real-time Container Monitoring and Predictive Visibility

Shipping refrigerated cargo requires extra care and monitoring to ensure cargo is delivered to customers as promised. Temperature setting errors, power outages, prolonged delays, and even theft can prevent cold cargo from maintaining its quality through delivery.

Deliver Your Cold Cargo Securely and On-Time

Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology and artificial intelligence (AI), Connected Reefer is an application that allows shippers to closely monitor and predict the arrival of their valuable reefer cargo through carriers’ websites, APIs, and alerts to help retain cargo quality, reduce the risk of cargo loss, and find out about potential exceptions immediately.

Improve Visibility

Access integrated shipment information through a dashboard with real-time sensor data, temperature graphs, and map visualization, and you can also access the latest shipment information anytime and anywhere with the Connected Reefer mobile application.

Ensure Product Quality and Security

By using Connected Reefer, you will gain real-time visibility to your shipments to monitor that cargo is on the correct route and to ensure security. The Smart Alerts feature in Connected Reefer will identify and discover unexpected temperature deviations to your containers to maintain product quality.

Optimize Operations

Intelligently project the latest inland ETAs based on the real-time sensor data, historical patterns, traffic conditions, and road regulations to better plan labor and warehouse operations. And, you can know when cargo reaches its destination by having the geofence arrival alerts.

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