Sailing Schedule Changes Study: Shanghai, Rotterdam, Los Angeles

Sept. 27, 2019

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When sailing schedules change by more than a day, it can cause a ripple effect in terms of planning. It can mean rescheduling trucking, missed transshipments, and delayed shipments.

To examine the extent of sailing schedule changes, we ran a study to find out the number of schedule changes at three top ports and the number of changes per schedule.

We reviewed over 65,000 published schedules from 29 ocean carriers through the ports of Shanghai, Rotterdam, and Los Angeles. We counted a schedule change each time its estimated time of departure (ETD) or estimated time of arrival (ETA) changed by more than 24 hours.

Schedules Reviewed January – August 2019

Shanghai: 26,715
Rotterdam: 35,811
Los Angeles: 3,157
Total: 65,683




Schedule Changes at Rotterdam and Shanghai Peaked in April

Among the three ports, Rotterdam had the most sailing schedules and the most schedule changes over 24 hours. For the first eight months of the year, the number of schedule changes over 24 hours were highest from March through May.

Shanghai also reached its peak in April, although it had almost as many in August. Los Angeles had the fewest schedule changes over 24 hours, in line with having the fewest schedules among the three ports.


Rotterdam Had the Most Schedule Changes per Schedule

To level the playing field, we next looked at the number of schedule changes that were greater than 24 hours per schedule through each of the ports. The monthly average number of schedule changes hovered around three changes per schedule from January through August at Shanghai. At the same time, the average monthly number of changes steadily decreased from around four changes per schedule down to two changes per schedule at Los Angeles.

Rotterdam had the highest number of changes greater than 24 hours per schedule over the eight months, ranging on average between four and five changes per schedule each month.


Within our studied scope, Rotterdam had the most schedules, the most schedule changes greater than 24 hours, and the most changes over 24 hours per schedule on average.


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