Innovating Newsletter: Spooky Sailing Schedule Changes

Oct. 31, 2018

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It’s Halloween with its share of spooky vessel delays. In this month’s issue of Innovating, we looked at how scary the sailing schedule changes have been over the last six months. After a season of extreme storms that impacted hundreds of vessel schedules, we took the opportunity to review sailing schedule changes at ports around the globe. We also reviewed carriers’ schedule reliability in September and reviewed the impact of the series of strikes in Portugal on the Port of Lisbon.

  • Sailing Schedule Changes – Port Comparison: The Global Vessel Voyage Monitoring Center (GVVMC) reviewed sailing schedule changes at ports in Asia, Europe, and North America. We compared the sailing schedule changes of the top three ports with the most schedules on each of the three continents from April 2018 to September 2018. The study revealed that Singapore had the most schedule changes and that Rotterdam had the most changes per schedule among the nine ports over the last six months. The average schedule deviation of schedules that changed more than 24 hours peaked in June.
  • Carrier Reliability Report: We reviewed the schedule reliability of 20 ocean carriers across 13 trade lanes. Overall reliability decreased by 7.8%, from 60.9% in August to 53.1% in September.
  • World Incidents – Lisbon Port Strikes: We reviewed the impact of the Portugal strikes on the Port of Lisbon throughout August and September. We found that Lisbon has had a worsening trend in both vessel arrival delays and berth times despite a drop in the number of vessel arrivals from July through September 2018.

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