Innovating Newsletter: Port Performance – Top 5 Europe Ports

March 26, 2019

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As the European region determines the future of Brexit and weighs in on renewing the antitrust exemption for ocean alliances, CargoSmart took the opportunity to review port performance in Europe. In addition, CargoSmart will be a sponsor at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive conference in Barcelona in June 2019. We look forward to speaking with European shippers who are digitally transforming their supply chains. In this month’s issue of Innovating, we reviewed the performance of the top five ports in Europe including Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremerhaven, and Valencia over the last six months. We also reviewed carrier reliability from January to February and analyzed the impact of the port strikes in Sydney and Brisbane.


  • Port Performance – Top 5 Europe Ports: Overall, we found that the number of vessel arrivals at the top five Europe ports have been fairly steady from September 2018 to February 2019. Monthly average vessel arrival and departure delays, on the other hand, increased in the winter months. The monthly average vessel departure delays were slightly longer than vessel arrival delays. Hamburg had the overall shortest monthly average delays over the six months, followed closely by Bremerhaven. Rotterdam had the overall longest monthly average vessel arrival delays, while Valencia had the overall longest average monthly departure delays.
  • Carrier Reliability Report: We reviewed the schedule reliability of 20 ocean carriers across 25 trade lanes. After a slight increase in January, overall reliability decreased by 2.5%, from 66.1% in January 2019 to 63.6% in February 2019.
  • World Incidents – Sydney and Brisbane Strikes: We analyzed the impact of the labor actions at the ports of Sydney and Brisbane that began in mid-January. We did not observe much of an impact for Sydney. For Brisbane, we observed a degradation in both vessel arrival delays and waiting times from January to February 2019.

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