Hurricane Dorian Impact on Charleston and Virginia Ports

Sept. 27, 2019

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After causing devastation in the Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian moved towards the US Southeast Coast. The hurricane made landfall in North Carolina on September 6 and caused damage to coastal cities from flooding and tornados. In the weeks following the devastating storm, we reviewed the impact the storm had on ports in its path.

Port authorities foresaw the strong winds with heavy rains from Dorian and announced port closures, including ports in Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia. The port shutdowns in Charleston and Virginia lasted for several days, lasting from September 4 to 6 in Charleston and September 4 to 7 in Virginia. 

For both Charleston and Virginia, the number of vessel arrivals dropped during the week of Dorian’s hit to almost half the number of vessel arrivals on normal days. Vessel arrival delays accumulated and continued into the week after at both ports. However, prolonged waiting times were observed only in Virginia. The week following the hurricane, vessel arrivals rebounded and vessel waiting times returned to normal at both ports.

Studied Period:  August 19 – September 15, 2019
Port of Charleston:  96 Vessel Arrivals
Port of Virginia:  109 Vessel Arrivals




Charleston and Virginia Vessel Arrival Count by Week

Charleston and Virginia Average Vessel Arrival Delays by Week

Charleston and Virginia Average Vessel Waiting Times by Week

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