CargoSmart Presenting at the 2020 Virtual Apparel Importers Trade & Transportation Conference

Oct. 30, 2020

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CargoSmart is honored to be a speaker at the upcoming Virtual Apparel Importers Trade & Transportation Conference


The conference is hosted by the United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) and the American Import Shippers Association (AISA) and topics will include politics and trade policy, the economic outlook and sourcing perspectives, logistics, and conscious fashion. 


Sara Krishnan, Sr. Manager, Digital Products, CargoSmart Ltd. will be speaking on the logistics track of the conference. She will be presenting the session, “Weaving the data silos together to gain predictive visibility of your global shipments.”


This session will discuss the complexities of global shipment management, and how data, integration, and predictive analytics can help solve current visibility challenges. 


Normally held in New York City, this year the annual conference will be held virtually over the second week in November. 



Sara Krishnan

Sr. Manager, Digital Products

CargoSmart Ltd.


CargoSmart Session:

Thursday, November 12, 2:50pm ET



Tags: supply chain , innovation , transformation , visibility