2018 Schedule Reliability Review

Feb. 14, 2019

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Taking a look back at the entire year of 2018, we reviewed schedule reliability by trade lane, discharging port region, and carrier. The scope of the study included the schedule reliability of 20 ocean carriers across 13 trade lanes and eight discharging port regions. Overall, we found the average schedule reliability for the year was 62.3%.

Europe-Middle East Trade Most Reliable in 2018

Reviewing the schedule reliability by trade, the Europe-Middle East trade lane was at the top of the list with the highest average reliability of 73.3% in 2018. It was followed by North America-Oceania, Europe-South America, Asia-Oceania, and Asia-Middle East, for which the average reliability were was quite close ranging from 68.5% to 65.8%.

Middle East Port of Discharge Region Had Highest Reliability in 2018

For vessel discharging regions, the Middle East was at the top of the list as it had the highest monthly average reliability of 71% in 2018. It was followed by South America, which had an average reliability of 69.1%. Oceania was in third place with an average reliability of 67.8%. The fourth and fifth ranked regions were Europe and Asia respectively.

MCC Had the Highest Schedule Reliability in 2018

Reviewing schedule reliability by carrier, the top five most reliable carriers in 2018 were MCC, Safmarine, OOCL, CMA CGM, and ANL with an average on-time performance of 72.7%, 71.7%, 68.2%, 67.55%, and 67.54% respectively.

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